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Ney ネイ

so seijou boys, it’s okay to change your uniform on the court for everyone to see

but the shorts…

what about the shorts… how did you do that without people checking your undies…

random headcanon: Shiratorizawa is actually a farming/agricultural school. (They just happen to be very good at volleyball uhuh)

And also everyone in the volleyball team has a name related to a farm animal. (there’s already a cow right?? where’s the rest)

even though the fandom calls oikawa trash we should never forget that oikawa:

- was dumped by his girlfriend ‘cause he was “too absorbed in volleyball”

- hurt his knee practicing so much

- stayed up late to analyze the karasuno match 

- hates geniuses because he’s not one

friendly reminder that even though oikawa is trash he must be protected at all costs.

(Source: juujishou)